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Suggested Wine Pairing

Suggested Beer Pairing

Brie and Camambert are ivory colored, soft-bodied cheeses with rich, creamy textures and earthy flavors.

A simple sparkling wine such as Moscato offers a crisp, mildly sweet complement

Apple or Pear Ciders offer a tart fruit-flavored compliment.

Marscapone is a soft, rich, creamy cheese with a clean, sweet finish.

The fresh fruits and acids of a Pinot Gris blend seamlessly with the cheese and refresh the palate.

A delicious Raspberry or Cherry Fruit Lambic brights the sweetness of the cheese.

Blue Cheese or Gorgonzola is full of sharp, robust flavors

A big and robust Port provides a contrast in flavors

A big Porter with its deep flavors balance the relatively big flavors of Gorgonzola

Gouda & Edam are cheeses with sweet cream flavor notes. Gouda is made with whole milk and Edam is made with nonfat milk, resulting in a different texture for each.

A buttery and full-bodied Chardonnay plays off the buttery, sweet cream texture.

A Nut Brown Ale complements the sweet cream flavors and texture. A creamy Stout that is not too overpowering will work well.

Provolone has a few small eye-holes and ranges in color from creamy white to ivory. The flavor is very mild when young and becomes big and piquant with age

The spicy fruit flavors of Amorone or a classic Chianti match well with the full flavors of the cheese.

An Oatmeal Stout or Porter, rich in malt flavors, complement the nutty flavors of the cheese.

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